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Cooling gel

★ Exclusive charges collectable, reimbursable
★ Cooling paste updating product with more significant effect
★ Ball smearing, easier to use, can be used on multiple parts
★ Physical cryotherapy cooling, no side effect
★ Mild, non-polluting, good patient compliance

Mechanism of action Use percutaneous absorption technology to penetrate natural mint and other ingredients through skin to subcutaneous dermal layer, emit toxic heat out of the body to achieve the purpose of physical fever abatement and cooling. Producing the functions of dispelling the wind, diminishing inflammation, relieve itching, relieving pain, inducing resuscitation, protecting brain and clearing heat, etc.



1. Plant extracts, mild nature;
2. Ball smearing, convenient and efficient;
3. Safe and efficient, rapid cooling;
4. No residue after gel evaporation, reduce the risk of residue to mouth after children's use;
5. Gel formation, no flow after smearing, reduce risk to eye;
6. Has sunstroke prevention, cooling, refreshing and consciousness restoring function, etc.

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