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Sterile Ultrasound Gel

【Model and specification】20g/piece
【Manufacturing enterprise】Jiangmen Dacheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
【Application range】In ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment process, fill or coat between skin - mucosa and probe radiating surface. Used in the intermediary medium of transmission sound wave. Suitable for skin and cavity.
【Using methods】During ultrasonic inspection, equally coat it on the diagnosing points, or inner and outer surface of the protective sleeve, then scan with ultrasonic instrument.

Ultrasound Gel

1. Can have additional charge in most of the provinces in the country; 
2. Skin and cavity application range exclusively approved by Food and Drug Administration; 
3. Pharcaceutical grade fungicidal compounds, safe and reliable;
4. Gentle on skin and mucous membrane, no stimulation, non-allergenic, non-cytotoxic;
5. No pathogenic pyogenic bacteria, total number of bacterial colonies is in line with mucous membrane contact medical supplies hygienic standard for disinfection;
6. Single dose package, easy to break hose packaging, in most compliance with medical requirements and facilitate for doctors to use.

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