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Disposable vaginal douching & medicine application instrument set

【Model and specification】Medium
【Packing】1 set/box, 180 boxes/piece
【Manufacturing enterprise】Jiangmen Dacheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
【Product structure】Douche and Liangshenghua lotion, vaginal applicator and Liangshenghua suppository.
【Application range】Suitable for medical institutions and housewives vaginal douching and medicine application. Can be widely used for fungal, trichomonas and bacterial vaginosis, as well as mold, trichomoniasis, bacterial mixed infection vaginitis patients.
【Usage and dosage】Apply the medicine after douching. One set per time, or follow the doctor's advice.
1. Exclusive medical consumable, suitable for long-term operation;
2. Has charges collectable in most of the provinces in the country, reimbursable;
3. Exlusively provided vaginal medicine applicator, innovated medicine application method;
4. The patented designed douche head sprays water from three sides, better meeting gynaecologic douching requirements;
5. Integrating medicine application and douching, single dose package and no need of lotion dilution, greatly improving the patients' compliance.

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