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About Us

     Our team is a dynamic team! We are specialized in the independent research, development, production and sales of medical products, and owns the R & D center of Guangzhou Dacheng Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., the production center of Jiangmen Dacheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and the global sales center in Guangzhou.

     Corporate Vision: Committed to being the global leading operating enterprise of innovative medical products

     Corporate Mission: Continuously innovate new products, develop a team with dream, seek welfare for the shared value of patients, customers, employees and shareholders


           The company has set up a wide range of offices in major provinces and cities in the country and established perfect after-sales service system to provide the partners with the best business services all the way. All customers' goods flow information can be viewed online instantly. We feedback and handle the suggestions and opinions of our partners timely, maintain customer relationship and collect market information regularly, assist partners to implement product market planning and development to life partners' worries.

           The academic department provide front-line partners with professional academic support, product selling point analysis and clinical solution timely, clinical marketing employees professional academic training, and other technical support. The company will be long committed to carry out academic exchange, training and maintenance on clinicians, and establish good communication channels with hospital experts, academic organizations and relevant departments.

           All team members is advanced with the times, and we will join hands with friends in pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad to make the the company stand out from the highly competitive medical industry. We are committed to becoming the global leading production and operating enterprise of innovative medical products.


                                                                                                        Great event, lofty virtue, integrity

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